Living Animals
In The Persistence of Persons: Studies in the Ontology of Personal Identity, ed. Valerio Buonomo and Javier Cumpa (De Gruyter).

ABSTRACT: This paper explores the ontological relationship between a biological organism and its life. Bringing together recent work in philosophy of biology concerning biological individuals and the nature of life with recent work in metaphysics on the ontology of processes, I argue that, if animalism is true, human animals are plausibly understood not as things, but as processes. On the view I sketch, we do not have lives, but rather are lives. I proceed to show how this account (a) provides the animalist with a more principled and naturalistic account of our persistence conditions, (b) facilitates a more satisfying reply to the corpse problem, and (c) does not require abandoning three-dimensionalism.

We Are Animals
In Philosophy for Us, ed. Lenny Clapp (Cognella).

ABSTRACT: Written for an undergraduate textbook, this essay provides an introduction to the animalist theory of personal identity.